The rustic nature of wood and the elegance that your house needs

Our professional hardwood flooring services include: installation, sanding, and finishing to make your flooring last for generations.

The right flooring for your environment

Is your flooring still in good shape? We sand your hardwood flooring surface and apply a finish coat to protect it so the finish doesn’t wear off. Remember that using the right product is essential to have a perfect finish, that’s why you need LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling: we work only with the best.

The benefits of hardwood flooring

Easy to clean

Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and sanitize, not like carpet that traps dust mites, pet fur, mold, and even toxic gasses.


Hardwood flooring can last for 100 years or even more if well kept. It's recommended to repaint it every 7-10 years, but such flooring can usually withstand a dozen sanding and refinishing sessions during its lifetime without needing replacement. It depends a lot on whether you give it a professional job.

A company known for attention to details. We always prioritize our clients' needs!

You’ll get some advantages when hiring LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling

Fast services

You must be tired of contacting companies and receiving feedback after days, or even after months. Rest assured that LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling gets in touch with you within a few hours.

High quality

Are you paying too much for a bad service? Here at LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling you won’t have that treatment. We work with the best professionals and with fair pricing for your satisfaction.


We know how stressful it is to see your project of one month turn into three, that’s why we at LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling make sure to deliver what you asked for within the deadline.

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LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling is a dedicated company with more than 12 professionals working to offer excellent, high quality customer service. Our priority is your complete satisfaction in regards to our services.
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