LVP Flooring: Elegant, durable and versatile

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LVP gets popular each passing day

LVP flooring is becoming more popular each day that passes. Usually, it’s more economic and comfortable, as well as warm to the touch. Your house will be sophisticated and elegant with it, especially if its installation is done by our company. We ensure that you’ll have high quality services within the deadline.

LVP flooring has priceless qualities, some of which can be seen below:


Known for its exceptional durability, LVP is protected by a “wear layer” that’s well projected to withstand scratches.


The best part is that it almost doesn’t require maintenance.

Choose LVP Flooring

Accessibility and durability is the perfect match for any type of flooring.

Easy to Clean

All you need to clean it is a simple vacuum cleaner followed by a damp mop.

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You’ll get some advantages when hiring LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling

Fast services

You must be tired of contacting companies and receiving feedback after days, or even after months. Rest assured that LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling gets in touch with you within a few hours.

High quality

Are you paying too much for a bad service? Here at LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling you won’t have that treatment. We work with the best professionals and with fair pricing for your satisfaction.


We know how stressful it is to see your project of one month turn into three, that’s why we at LF Beauty Floors & Remodeling make sure to deliver what you asked for within the deadline.

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